The NORDIK Association for Art Historians is hereby announcing the conference taking place 25.-27.10. 2022 under the heading “Collections”. The conference is virtual and signup is free. Organized in collaboration with the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, the University of Copenhagen.

For registration and detailed schedule, see:

Collections are the basis for art history as we know it. Whether in museums or on the pages of treatises, we bring objects and artworks together and ascribe meaning to them. Through history, art-making has been deeply entwined with collecting. Collections give power – over history, over art, over taste, and ultimately over the future. Arguing about and intervening in collections can also be a fight for alternatives and other futures, or a way to right past wrongs. Collections are born from creativity, and they can stifle new creations. Many artworks are collections in themselves and the collection itself can be seen as an artwork. No matter the perspective, collections are deeply bound to art history.

Stereoscopic photo of statues from Nationalmuseum Stockholm. Tekniska Museet/Europeana

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